Tips for Severe Weather Threats During COVID-19

Tips for Severe Weather Threats During COVID-19

Due to local community spread of COVID-19, choosing shelter locations, and sheltering in place may present unforeseen challenges during a severe weather event such as a tornado.

To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to the campus community, U-M building access may be restricted or altered. Therefore, it is critical that each individual review their safety plans to prepare for severe weather.

Add masks, tissues, gloves, hand sanitizer and a plastic bag to your personal or family’s tornado safety supply list. Make sure any cough or sneeze is into a tissue or clothed sleeve. Use the gloves to dispose of used tissues into a plastic bag.

If you become aware of a tornado (i.e., from an UM Emergency Alert, local media or Ann Arbor’s outdoor warning sirens), please take the following precautions:

  • Immediately seek safe shelter within internal hallways on the lowest floor, internal rooms without glass, internal stairwells without windows, or basements
  • Exercise social distancing
  • Use appropriate personal hygiene measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread
  • Monitor local weather via radio, internet or TV to stay informed
  • Remain in a sheltered area until the tornado warning expires 

Additional Tips

  • Know the difference between a tornado watch and warning
  • Pay attention to weather conditions and know your shelter plan ahead of time
  • Upon exiting your shelter, be wary of downed power lines, gas line breaks, broken glass or any other potentially sharp or dangerous objects
  • Even after the tornado has passed, avoid any buildings or structures that may have been damaged; you do not want to be struck by debris or trapped in a collapse

For more information, please visit our severe weather safety tips page.