UMPD arrests bike larceny suspect

Bikes at rack

The University of Michigan Police Department arrested a 17-year-old for bike larceny on campus Thursday, July 19.

A UMPD officer observed the suspect riding a bike, which was reported as stolen to UMPD the day before. Officers also recovered two additional bikes.

UMPD is still in search of the owners of several other stolen bicycles. If you believe your bicycle was stolen, contact UMPD Evidence and Records unit at (734)763-3434 in attempt to identify your property.

Over the last months, the University of Michigan has recently seen an increase in bicycle theft on and near campus. To address this issue, UMPD has increased patrols and is actively investigating to identify suspects and recover stolen bikes.

There are several ways you can help protect your property and prevent bike theft. DPSS strongly encourages you to:

  • Invest in a quality lock. We suggest using a hardened steel U-lock with a double-lock mechanism or a strong chain. Avoid cable locks, which are easy to cut through.

Nearly all bike theft incidents on campus involve an unlocked bike or a bike secured with a cable lock that is cut.

  • Know the right way to use your lock. When locking your bike to a rack, secure it through the frame and at least one (though preferably both) of the wheels. Visit the National Bike Registry for a more comprehensive guide to securely locking your bike.
  • Secure or remove expensive bike accessories. When parking your bike, it is important to either secure or remove accessories that otherwise might be stolen. This includes seats, bags, bottles, lights or GPS tracking devices.
  • Register your bicycleRegistering your bike (or personal electronics such as a laptop) with the UMPD can help deter theft and assist in the recovery of stolen property.

For more bicycle safety and security information, visit the safety tips section of our website.

If you are a victim of bike theft or see any suspicious behavior, please contact DPSS at (734) 763-1131 or report the crime online.