Cyber Monday Safety Tips

Cyber Monday Safety Tips Graphic

Better Business Bureau warns consumers of fake survey scams targeting Cyber Monday and Black Friday shoppers.

These fake surveys are coming through text with a link that appears to be from a trusted chain store with limited-time offers. If you click the link provided, rather than going to the store’s official website, it will take you to a site where it asks you to complete a form with your personal information.

Follow the BBB tips below to help protect yourself against bad actors this holiday season.

Beware of false advertising and phony websites.

Scammers like to create lookalike websites. Look closely at the web address and website for correct spelling and correct contact information. If a company advertises limited-time or “too good to be true” offers it just may be. An example of such an offer could be the offer of a free gift card in exchange for the completion of a survey.

Shop with trustworthy sellers on secure sites only.

If you aren’t familiar with a business, check their BBB profile on Look at the rating and read reviews.

Keep your antivirus software updated.

This helps you avoid non-secure websites and pop-up phishing scams.

Use your credit card when online shopping.

If a false charge comes up, you can contest it.

Watch out for phishing scams.

Unsolicited texts, emails, calls or letters with an offer of a free gift or a problem with a delivery look closely for additional red flags such as typos or spelling errors. Don’t click any links. Reputable businesses will get your permission before texting or emailing you.
For more information, visit the Better Business Bureau website or USA Today.