DPSS reminds community drones are unlawful to operate on or over U-M property

Medical Campus Aerial

Unauthorized drones operating in the vicinity of Michigan Medicine may have significant impacts on the operations of Survival Flight. Helicopters routinely fly in this area and drones create an unsafe environment. 

We want to remind the community of not only Article XVI in the U-M Regents’ Ordinance that prohibits drone operation on or over U-M property, but also of the very real impacts that violations of this law can have on critical university functions. Federal Aviation Administration regulations also stipulate additional restrictions near airport environments, such as a helipad or heliport. 

“Regents’ Ordinances are in place to provide a safe, secure, and quality environment for those who live, learn, work, heal and visit within our community,” said U-M Police Chief Robert Neumann. “The safety risks inherent to operating a drone on our campus can be significant.  We ask that everyone do their part by learning, understanding, and complying with restrictions related to drone operations.”

To learn more about drone policy and exceptions, please visit our website.

If you see someone operating a drone on campus, please contact DPSS at (734) 763-1131.