Tips to prevent bike theft


Bicycle theft on the U-M Ann Arbor campus has increased since the end of August. DPSS is investigating, but there are also things you can do to help prevent theft.

Since bicycles serve as the primary mode of transportation for many, every measure needs to be taken to ensure their security. To help protect your property, take the following precautions:

  • Register your bicycle. Registering your bike (or personal electronics such as a laptop) with DPSS can help deter theft and assist in the recovery of stolen property. 
  • Use a quality U-Lock. Avoid cable locks, which are easy to cut through. Instead, use a hardened steel U-lock with a double-lock mechanism. Current students, faculty, and staff who register their bike can receive a free u-bolt lock (while supplies last) by stopping by the UMPD front desk at 1239 Kipke Dr (near Michigan Stadium) Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. after completing your bicycle registration online. 
  • Properly secure your bike. When locking your bike to a rack, secure it through the frame and at least one of the wheels.
  • Secure or remove expensive bike accessories. This includes aftermarket seats, bags, bottles, lights, or GPS tracking devices.
  • See Something, Say Something. Report suspicious behavior near campus bike racks by contacting DPSS at (734) 763-1131 or 911.

“We strongly encourage all members of our community who have a bicycle to take advantage of our registration program,” said UMPD Lt. Paul DeRidder. “If the bike is registered in our database, we can return it to its rightful owner if recovered from a resale or pawn shop.”

For more bicycle safety and security information, visit the DPSS website.