#8CantWait: DPSS Shares Policy, Training and Education on Use of Force

In an effort to address community concerns and promote transparency, DPSS released a new web page, on Thursday, July 2, that highlights its policies and training associated with the use of force.

This new page is a valuable resource for members of our community to better understand the high standards DPSS police and security officers are held to and the policies that govern their work to make our campuses safer.

“I hope this new web page provides insight into what is expected of our police and security officers,” said Executive Director Eddie L. Washington, Jr. “I am proud of the high standards we have set, which our officers have consistently met.”

With this new web page, DPSS joins other police and public safety departments, both locally and nationally, who have participated in the Police Use of Force Project. This project identifies eight key policies which the researchers believe heavily influence the force used by departments. You may have seen reference to this research trending on social media as #8CantWait

The creation of this web page was a joint effort between leaders of the various units at DPSS, including the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses. 

DPSS is currently in the process of making DPSS official orders publicly available without compromising the safety of our frontline staff. 

“Transparency is essential to building trust with our community,” said Washington. “As long as I am leading DPSS, I will continue to embrace a culture of transparency and engagement with our community.” 

Please contact us at dpss-safety-security@umich.edu with any additional questions or concerns.