Four ways to prevent theft on campus

Larceny is among the most common crimes on a college campus. Luckily, it is also a crime that can be prevented if precautions are taken. Here are four ways you can prevent theft on campus.

Never leave your items unattended

Perhaps one of the most obvious tips, but often the most overlooked. It is very important that you keep your belongings with you when you are in public spaces, including libraries or other campus buildings. Although the University of Michigan is a generally safe campus, you should always take precaution and never leave your valuables unattended — not even for a minute.

Always secure your residence

Securing your residence is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your possessions from theft and home invasion. Why? Because these are crimes of opportunity. If you take the opportunity away, you lower your risk of becoming a target.

Securing your residence includes locking doors and windows when you leave your residence as well as when you are home. It is also important to store your valuables out of plain sight. Burglars may look through windows. Leaving valuables in plain sight could make your residence a target.

Secure your bicycle with a U-Lock

Investing in a quality lock can make all the difference in protecting your bicycle from theft. DPSS recommends using a hardened steel U-Lock because it is extremely difficult to cut, unlike cable locks. Properly secure your bicycle with the U-Lock by threading it through the frame, at least one wheel and the bicycle rack.

Report suspicious behavior

If you witness suspicious behavior or activity that is out of place and does not fit into the usual day-to-day activity of our campus community, report it to DPSS. You can report this concerning behavior by calling 911 or the DPSS non-emergency line, (734) 763-1131.

Keeping our campus safe and secure is our highest priority. A truly safe campus can only be achieved through community partnership. Together, we can help make campus a safe and secure place for everyone.