Save the Date: Threat Suppression Training

A multi-course training presented by Dr. Mike Clumpner, Threat Suppression Inc.

Date: March 6-8, 2019

Location: University of Michigan

Course Descriptions:

Joint Public Safety Response to the Active Shooter

Dr. Clumpner will discuss the history of active shooter incidents, incident analysis, attacker profiles and law enforcement tactics. In addition, he will address priorities for police, fire and EMS personnel and the need for integrated response. The full-day presentation is the culmination of more than 10,000 hours of research and cites more than 300 scholarly references. Don’t miss this comprehensive program attended by more than 40,000 public safety providers from local, state and federal agencies in the last two years.

Joint Public Safety Response to Large-Scale Civil Unrest

Large-scale civil unrest can occur in any U.S. city, and often local public safety personnel only have a few hours’ notice to respond. Recent events have included violent and hostile actions against public safety personnel, such as protestors using fire, body fluid or chemical “bombs” and other deadly weapons. Attendees will learn about history and lessons learned from large-scale civil unrest in the U.S., threats posed to public safety, and methods for integrating fire, EMS and police rescue task forces.

Hospital Response to the Active Shooter/Active Assailant

Hospitals have not been immune to shooting events, with an average of one hospital shooting event happening each month in the U.S. This presentation will cover the history of hospital shootings, shooter profiles, hospital workplace violence statistics, perpetrator motives, response tactics for hospital staff, challenges and lessons learned.

Capable Guardian – Instruct, Evacuate, Shelter, Defend

Capable guardians are people within organizations to which others would immediately look to for guidance during an active shooter event. The term applies to teachers, hospital staff, business supervisors, security guards and more. Attendees will learn about court cases that have established expectations for capable guardians and the appropriate steps to take during an active shooter situation.

About the Instructor

Dr. Mike Clumpner, PhD, MBA, NRP is the co-founder, President and CEO at Threat Suppression Inc. Mike has lectured globally on numerous topics, personally training more than 80,000 responders on four continents. Multiple federal agencies have recognized Mike as one of the nation’s foremost experts on integrated active shooter response.

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