Inauguration Day Safety FAQs

U.S. Capitol

Last week’s unprecedented events at the U.S. Capitol have heightened fears for the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. In response, law enforcement agencies, at all levels, are examining and implementing security measures to ensure that the historic transition of power will be conducted safely.

While we have not received any information informing us of an threat within Washtenaw County, DPSS recognizes that recent events have created feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. We want to reassure our community that safety and security is our number one priority. 

DPSS has an enhanced public safety posture and has been diligently working with local, state, and federal law enforcement partners on public safety measures and strategies to mitigate any safety concerns that arise.

To that end, DPSS compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Inauguration Day safety at U-M. 

Q: I am concerned for my safety on campus, on Inauguration Day. What is DPSS doing to ensure I am safe?

A: Ensuring the safety of the U-M community is the number one priority of DPSS. DPSS regularly works with our university, local, state, and federal partners regarding safety and security issues. Due to the unprecedented nature of what occurred at the U.S. Capitol, DPSS has increased and enhanced our communications, coordination, and information sharing with our partners. On Inauguration Day, DPSS will continue to be visible and vigilant, so that community members are comfortable going about their daily activities. If you have a safety concern, you are encouraged to contact DPSS at (734)763-1131 for assistance. For a more comprehensive list of ways to contact us, please visit our website.

Q: Can people open carry or bring any other weapons on campus?

A: Weapons are not permitted on any property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the Regents of the University of Michigan, regardless of whether the individual has a concealed weapons permit, per Article X of the Regents’ Ordinance. If someone is carrying a weapon on campus and you do not believe they are a law enforcement official, please call 911 or you may contact DPSS directly at (734)763-1131.

Q: I’m currently on campus and there are people without face coverings and I want them to put one on for my safety.

A: The U-M policy requiring face coverings will continue to be enforced at all locations on campus.  If you experience a concern related to face covering compliance, please contact your building manager, supervisor, or the COVID Concern Line at (734) 647-3000.

Q: Am I allowed to protest on campus?

A: Yes, please review the Protest and Demonstration safety article for more information about safely exercising your first amendment rights during the pandemic. In addition, the University has created guidelines to ensure that the outdoor areas owned by the University are maintained in a safe and orderly manner that supports basic University functions of teaching, research and service.

Q: Can I host an in-person watch party or gathering with friends or colleagues?

A: The Washtenaw County Health Department emergency order is still in effect across Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti limiting social gatherings to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. 

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