Rules of the road: what you need to know about operating a motorized scooter on campus

We’ve received several inquiries about the motorized scooters, which were placed in Ann Arbor.

While the scooters may be a convenient and fun way to get around Ann Arbor, the safety and security of our community is our number one priority.

For anyone who chooses to use these scooters, we ask they be operated in a safe manner for both the riders and pedestrians. This is only possible when all parties know and abide by the laws and rules of the road, the sidewalk and the bike lanes.

Per Regents’ ordinances, it’s unlawful to operate these scooters or any other motorized vehicle on sidewalks—it endangers pedestrians. Per the State Motor Vehicle Code, motorized scooters may not be operated in bike lanes, but they may be operated on the road closest to the right curb as is possible.

When you are finished riding the scooter, it’s important to keep it from interfering with the public right of way. Do not leave the scooters parked on the roads, sidewalks, bike paths, driveways, access ramps, stairways, landscaped areas or near fire hydrants. Scooters must be parked in bike racks or moped parking areas. Please walk the scooter to the bike rack if you must traverse a sidewalk.

Lastly, never operate any motorized vehicle or scooter recklessly or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Besides being dangerous, operating while impaired can result in an arrest and charge for operating under the influence.

We strive as a community to ensure safe modes of transportation for everyone involved: drivers, riders, and pedestrians. Let’s work together to make our roads and sidewalks safe for everyone.